Open Graduate Student Positions

Wednesday, September 14, 2022
Now hiring MS and PhD students

As part of the MEES new faculty startup fund, there is availability for two students to simultaneously serve as TA and conduct research in a topic of your own interest! Preferably, this research will have longterm funding sustainability and can lead to future grants which can lead to security of future RA-ship for the student. It will be essential for the students to produce preliminary results to help convince funding agencies of the promise of the new research. Some possible topic areas include:

  1. Structural battery modeling, characterization, and testing
  2. Multi-physics modeling and parameter identification of multifunctional materials
  3. Battery module degradation modeling and characterization
  4. Battery module thermal modeling and experimental validation


Basic Qualifications:
Programming in Matlab, Python, or both
Completion of Dynamics II or similar
Strong work ethic and passion for learning new things

Preferred Qualifications:
Coursework in / experience with Li-ion batteries
Previous experience conducting experiments or working with hands